Frische parntersuchen aus ganz europa

Hier finden Sie Anfragen von Projektpartnern aus ganz Europa. Wir wünschen Ihnen viel Erfolg bei der Suche. Zögern Sie nicht, bei Fragen mit uns Kontakt aufzunehmen.
IT Unternehmen für EUREKA Projekt gesucht KMU im Bereich der der Gewinnung und Verteilung von erneuerbarer Energie über das Stromnetz für ein EUREKA Projekt gesucht! Biotech KMU für ein ERA-net ERA-IB2 – Industrielle Biotechnologie Projekt von deutscher Universität gesucht! Sicheres Internet für Kinder - Forschungsprojekt sucht KMU im Bereich E-learning Ganzheitliche Nutzung von Biomasse - Forschungsprojekt sucht Verfahrenstechnik-KMU Looking for partners to complete consortium Looking for partner for EU project (IKT) Looking for additional partners to complete FP7 proposal Looking for partners for the further development, licensing, testing and adaptation of their fruit juice homogenization technology Looking for licensing and developing partners for a fully functional saw Looking for enterprises to contribute Looking for additional partners that can contribute on (international) market Looking for adaption and distribution of solar energy management system Swedish SME is looking for a partner for product development Joint Action 2012 EUREKA-Eurostars Looking for collaboration opportunities in Austria! Looking for FP7 partners Lithography-free hierarchical assembly of nano-scale plasmonic materials for advanced sensing Looking for consortium lead Looking for industry partners; both in the area of IaaS and SaaS. MiniAPPS development around a platform for social media collaboration Looking for SMEs to build a FP7 project Looking for partners for developing web 3D applications Looking for Rapid prototyping, Plastic Injection Moulding and Plastic manufacturing SME OEM platform for multi-network coverage measurements Looking for expertise in design and production of lightweight carbon Looking for partners to build consortium Looking for consortium cooperation Looking for SME partner for a FP7 project (STEPMAN) Looking for project partners for an IEE-Project Looking for partners in geothermal energy and biomass Looking for ecologic cutting fluid Looking for technologies to prevent acute skin irritation Looking for electrochemical technologies for industrial wastewater treatments Looking for partners for an FP7 Energy project Looking for chrome plating Looking for partners in call centres, mobile telephony and internet applications markets Looking for thermal insulation materials Looking for Manufacturer of general instrumentation and measurement equipment Looking for ammonia (NH3) sensor Loogin for cost- and energy efficient devices A German plant manufacturer is looking for... Looking for manufacturer of fire-proofed paints Project research partner for recording and analysis of the acoustic spectrum to prevent pump failures is seeked Project research partner for monitoring of the life cycle of industrial waste is searched Looking for SME partners with expertise in wireless communication A Spanish SME is preparing a proposal for the call of FP7 Capacities Kostengünstiges Multisensorsystem für die Trockenwurstproduktion gesucht! Entwicklung von neuer Bio-Plastik gesucht! Bayrisches Unternehmen verkauft Brikettier-Technologie! Bayrisches Unternehmen verkauft Kamin-Feinstaubkiller-Technologie! Greek Research Center looking for Partner in FP7 Biomass valorization project. German University is looking for partners Looking for an European security business company Looking for Joint Ventures Looking for Austrian agents Partners for EUROSTARS project Partners for an Eco-Innovation project: “Sustainable building products” Looking for expertise Looking for development of software solutions PS - IEE call - Partners for Diffusion of knowledge on passive cooling for buildings PS - FP7 POWERMAN - Intelligent power management system for municipalities PS - FP7 ILLUMINARE - Development of a luminance distribution analysing tool in use with DSLR cameras for qualifying road lights ICT for water efficiency Looking for vegetable oil an fat manufacturers Looking for partners for a project proposal called RENERUNIT OMIS - Online Municipal Information Systems for Smart Cities Interoperability platform for smart services Looking for partners to take part in an European Project Virtual Physiological Human Looking for Digital Libraries and Digital Preservation FP7-ICT or Eurostars project on multi-modal mobility Looking for technology for waste incineration system development Looking for technology to produce plastic bag cutting and sealing machines Looking for contacts of machinery producers Looking for partners under FP7 Looking for: Encapsulation techniques and printing technologies for hybrid organic solar cell Looking for: Expertise in production of biogas plants Looking for: Expertise in deep forming of plexiglass Biodegradable polymer materials suppliers sought Looking for a technology which can monitor the current of conductors